Gently navigating the listener on its rainbow rollercoaster;
touching on feelings from life’s great cycle
with confidence, lightness and charm.

Get on the wagon; roll, through the towering black mountain,
roll, gentle cowberries & in between
See; the outlines of a symphony, the light play
Through stalactite caves, the Sage of the Forest;
Fly majestic twixt fanfares of matadors, through guitar riffing grin,
amidst space ray guns soar – wherever you’ll end up, no worries:

The group, unwavering, rightfully returns you beside the lake that is your home.
Contemplating the radiant crimson horizon – by earthy & solemn accordion
we connect to life from the roots and remember our origins.

Experience; a Nordic, rustic moment of peace;
after which we’re already flying
to a new unknown.

The group builds aural scenes by reflections of the universe –
seeking resonating frequencies of vigor and ecstasy,
still not shunning cocooned sorrows.
It plays through the human emotional scale, the prism of colours,
fragments of a generation’s subconscious.

Mysteries of nature give high fives to video game youths,
fictional 90’s olympic hymns & guitar flights.
Piano drops dewdrops on a forest pond;
for the vultures unleashes an eccentric flamenco of pain;
crystallising – atmospheres –
All is transmitters including their opposite form.

Another handful of fairy dust.
Conversations, a ball of instruments.
A bit of a racket in the spirit of 70’s prog rock.
By the blue shadows of lonesome arpeggios
the band goes to water the languid flowers of woe
only to nourish them to grow into the light,
bearing the beauty of the world on their brow.

Rarely does one come across such a freely flowing exuberance,
an endless cascade of colourful soundscapes.
The symbiosis of the group members is readily seen;
all they need to do is conduct the winds under a familiar name.

Charming thing is, what the band creates with their music is no studio mosaic.
The Solar Apparatus holds a reputation as a magical live act,
generating its art complete with visual sceneries to match.

Whosoever enjoys a complete mastery of his element
is able to play and frolic with it.
Stretch it, bend and turn according to will,
it’s always functioning and representing itself only.

By skill is found the way back to childhood;
the child and the one who has accepted her calling
are equally in prowess of their world.
Merely doing is transcended into an endless, boundless play.
The Solar Apparatus present us with this Diamond of Creativity –
it never ceases to mesmerise.