the Solar Apparatus is a musical collective playing with mythic elements of great world tales, popular culture, smalltown childhoods and the beauty of nature.

The sound of the Solar Apparatus is a mix of acoustic & electric guitars, analogue and digital synthesizers, accordion, vibraphone, varied percussion, ambient soundscapes and visual worlds; creating a unique experience, transporting the listener through myriad universes and refracting back through the personal unconscious.

The story or the Solar Apparatus began in the spring of 2008. From spontaneous living room studio experiments the apparatus has evolved into a live group of 7 musicians and a lighting & projection artist.

The Solar Apparatus’ inspiring and original sound is defined by a wide palette of tones and instruments; all of its musicians are multi-instrumentalists. The power of the group lies in its strong sense of atmosphere and drama, and the channeling of these into vibrant, colourful arrangements.